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About Zimbowls CookShops

Zimbowls was born during the COVID-19 pandemic.


As the world faced uncertainty, many people sought new passions and directions. I decided to embark on a chef's course focused on the food business with Covington Neighborhood.


This experience ignited the fulfillment of a lifelong passion for cooking and entertaining, a passion influenced by my aunt Irene Mupeta, a food and nutrition teacher and caterer par excellence.

Even as a child growing up in Zimbabwe, I harbored a secret love for traditional foods. Though a city kid, I was fascinated by the flavors and stories behind these dishes.


With Zimbowls, I create a world where food, culture, and storytelling intertwine. Our culinary adventures celebrate the healing power of food as medicine and the inspiration drawn from ethnic cultures and wholesome foods.

Each dish is a narrative, a fusion of Zimbabwean heritage and American values, enriched by stories highlighting their cultural significance and nutritional wisdom.


Join us to explore the flavors and listen to the stories that form a journey through diverse cultures and healing traditions.

The Ingredients

At Zimbowls CookShops, we prioritize the quality and integrity of our ingredients. We want to provide authentic Zimbabwean ingredients, but this is not always possible, so we will seek out the best options. 


Our commitment to freshness and nutrition leads us to source only the finest organic ingredients from reputable retailers. This dedication ensures that every dish we serve not only bursts with authentic flavors but also aligns with our belief in healthy, wholesome eating.


By choosing organic and carefully selected produce, we bring to your table a culinary experience that is both delicious and nutritious, honoring our commitment to excellence and well-being.

Organic Vegetables
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